Back after haitus?

2014.08.15 Fri
I've been away for a long time, so I'm hoping I can get back into drawing things again! I sometimes draw on Tumblr, but I feel like it's full of things I want to reblog and get excited over. It's really distracting!
I'm hoping I can return here at least to post my art since this site has a very nice way of incorporating images into the blog!
Hope to draw soon!

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Crayola & Ballpoint pen

2011.04.09 Sat
I got a box of 64 crayons. Fun!

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Chibitalia and HRE

2011.02.27 Sun
a small watercolor I did for a frame. owo

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2011.02.24 Thu
I had a weird desire to draw her in a dress. OK... so it's RP related. ;w;

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L'Orso Abbracciatutti

2011.02.03 Thu

Thank you, Silvia, for the idea. The "Hug me" bear Italy!

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