2009.02.17 Tue
Reese, Riece... whatever. I'm attempting to color in PaintTool Sai, which I just registered!!
Not perfect.... but I'm working on it. XD

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2009.01.31 Sat
I kinda did this quick drawing of Raven from Zoids. Jam made me feel really guilty for never drawing. XD

kind of a copy pose of This Picture. Like an inspiration. Not exactly a copy except for overall look on the face.

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2008.12.18 Thu
I don't think this is a very good picture of him at all... but OMG IT'S PROZEN. XD from Zoids CC/GF. AKA ZOIDS!

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Garaga from Zoids Genesis

2008.12.01 Mon
Ok... so I haven't updated in a few days. I've kinda been busy on commissions. But that's not fair to the blog! So!! Here is Garaga from Zoids Genesis. I like him the best. I have a soft spot for characters who I feel are kinda dismissed as dumb/worthless. XD Anyway, he's cool and I love his Deadly Kong.

Sorry i drew you badly, Garaga.. some other time I will do a good drawing. XD This one took about 20 minutes

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O? Connell!

2008.11.23 Sun
The obligatory O'Connell fan art drawing. O'Connell... in his Zoids: Chaotic Century outfit. He looks a bit surprised. I almost put some effort into the coloring. XD
He is kind of cute! If Jam hadn't claimed him so long ago, I might've been his fangirl too. :3

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