O? Connell!

2008.11.23 Sun
The obligatory O'Connell fan art drawing. O'Connell... in his Zoids: Chaotic Century outfit. He looks a bit surprised. I almost put some effort into the coloring. XD
He is kind of cute! If Jam hadn't claimed him so long ago, I might've been his fangirl too. :3

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It's the hairbrush!

2008.11.22 Sat
Jammer and I have been watching the new subtitled version of the original Zoids series. I don't remember much of it from when I watched it so long ago. Except for the main characters, of course.
At the beginning Rob Hermann was mean. Heheh. I forgot he was really that mean. XD I'm glad everything worked out in the series, but I'm still compelled to draw that brush-head guy. XD


I did this quick sketch just now before I plan to go to sleep. So it's not very good at all. Perhaps one day I'll draw something very detailed for this blog. XD

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Deed sketch

2008.11.18 Tue
Deed doesn't get enough attention. He gets to pilot a Gorhecks though, so that makes him lovable. ^__^ Gorhecks are the cutest Zoids.
Deed, in my mind, is best suited as Ciao's love interest. They'd be cute together! Probably because I don't like the idea of Ciao and Jean together. Jean was really mean to Ciao. Deed would be the type to stand by Ciao. <3

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2008.11.18 Tue
I was going through Tilly's Zoid Legacy screencaps and saw Albane. :3 I like Albane because he's kind of insane. So I decided to draw him.

And then Jammer said he probably puts on a hood and scares children at Halloween. And I think that's probably true. Heheh. XD

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Fresh start!

2008.11.17 Mon
Hello! I'm starting this new blog! So to celebrate the new blog I have drawn a fun picture of Harry Champ from Zoids New Century/0! Yes, it is a bad picture. I'm very sleepy. XD
Harry Champ

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